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We Work for Our Clients

We Do Not Work for Google (nor BING)

By Mary Ann Wells

We get calls all the time from Google salespeople who believe they can help us get more out of our clients' ads. It irritates us because they waste our time. We are very aware of our clients' budgets and resources, and we work within that framework. Because they work for Google, they do not consider this.

It is a conflict of interest to allow Google sales personnel to oversee your ads. They strive to persuade you to spend more money and invest in services that may or may not be appropriate for your market. To keep our clients, we must provide a good Return on Investment on whatever budget our clients can afford. Our clients are not giant retailers or multinationals; rather, they are tiny manufacturing firms with modest budgets and limited resources.

We are a Google Partner, but Google does not tell us how much money to spend, we do not have a sales quota, and we are not required to invest in the latest and greatest ad scheme if it is not suited for our clients' markets. If we believe that Google has created a particularly excellent program that will benefit a customer, we will bring it up with him or her, discuss it, and assess if it will help him or her accomplish his or her sales goals.

Now if someone would just tell Google to stop with the relentless calls!

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