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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here are the questions asked most often about SEO. If your question isn't here, please use the form on this page to ask your question and we will respond.

No, but it can help your website appear more frequently and will be shown in higher positions within the search engine results page. The constant change in search engine algorithms makes it impossible for anyone to guarantee top ten placement. We do guaranteed Return on Investment, however.

We start with an SEO audit. An initial audit of the website’s on-site, off-site and technical SEO to determine strengths and deficiencies. An SEO plan is created from the results of this audit.

We don't think it's a case of either or... we feel you need both. The PPC program will benefit you by getting the exact traffic that you want. Increased organic traffic supplements your ad program and helps keep the cost down.

For the most part, yes, but we have research tools available to us to help you get more specific traffic. For example, if you manufacture pumps, pumps would not be a good word to focus on because it can also mean women's shoes. We would suggest focusing on specific types of pumps: vacuum pump, for instance.

No, the content on your website will need to be optimized for the main keyword phrases we've agreed on. It means that, to come up for that phrase, it needs to be on the website to ensure that search engines know what your site is about. It may also be necessary to add more content to your website. We may not need to change the overall look of your website, however, if you have a recently redesigned website.

We will provide you with a quarterly report documenting what we've done and the result of those tasks. It's not always viable to measure success on ranking position because it changes frequently. While we will provide you with ranking position on the phrases we focus on, we will also provide you with a comparison against your competitors and analytics data.

Glad you asked! Here are the benefits for you...

  • Increased leads and sales
    A website reaching a larger audience is a virtual salesperson that will collect leads and drive sales from online searchers.
  • High Search Placement
    Web pages will appear more frequently and will be shown in higher positions within the search engine results pages.
  • Increased Organic Traffic
    Visitors will come to your website from natural, organic results. This extra traffic supplements your PPC traffic.
  • Brand Awareness
    A higher search ranking gives your website more visibility. Even if a searcher doesn't visit, your brand is still being viewed.
  • Move In Market Share
    Placing higher in search engine results is an additional benefit of SEO that will silently help to move and increase market share.

Program pricing and fees are custom and individualized. Please contact Web-Kare for a consultation and to learn more about the SEO Complete program.

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