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Frequently Asked Questions

The Web Design Process

Here are the questions asked most often about web design. If your question isn't here, please use the form on this page to ask your question and we will respond.

It’s very simple:

  1. We review your current site and provide an outline for the new site.
  2. You approve the outline or give us changes.
  3. You supply additional needed content.
  4. We design a home page and at least one interior page for you to review on our server.
  5. When you are happy with the overall look, we start building.
  6. You can review the entire website on our server as it is being built.
  7. We make any final adjustments.
  8. The new site is moved to your web server and replaces your current website.

We will use any content that currently resides on your site, except content you specifically tell us to not use. There may be instances where additional content is needed or you may want to update materials. Feel free to submit:

  • PHOTOS: If you are interested, Web-Kare will make arrangements for a professional photographer or videographer.
  • TEXT: Our professional writers will edit anything you submit to correct spelling errors, grammar, and optimize it for search. You don’t have to be a professional writer!
  • GRAPHICS: Company logos, diagrams, etc.

Once we have the outline for the new website and discussed any special features you may want, we will submit an estimate. We do not start the project until everyone agrees on the fee and we have a 50% deposit.

When we have the necessary content from you (photos, graphics, text) we will usually have the website finished within 1-2 months, depending on the size of your site. The home page will be ready for your approval within 1-2 weeks of receiving your deposit. If we don’t have all the materials for the home page, we can use “place savers” to give you a general idea of the finished look. The site cannot be completed, however, until we have all the materials from you.

No. As long as we have FTP access to your current hosting we will put your new site at your current hosting provider. Moving a website to another hosting company can be disruptive, especially if your email is provided by the same company. If you’re happy with your current provider, there is no need to move your website unless you need a content managed site that you can update in-house (see next question).

We recommend that you manage your website through us. Typically, we will have the changes completed and looking professional within 24 hours.

If you MUST have a site that you can edit, we offer WordPress that allows us to create our own unique templates that can be completely customized.

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