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Frequently Asked Questions

About Paid Placement Ads (PPC)

Here are the questions asked most often about paid placement ads. If your question isn't here, please use the form on this page to ask your question and we will respond.

These are text ads with top page positioning at Google and/or Bing search results. When clicked by a user, these ads link directly into to your website. PPC means “Pay per Click”, so you are charged for each click generated by Google PPC and/or Bing PPC.

PPC text ads will generate targeted, high quality traffic to your website. These ads provide your website with a steady flow of qualified new prospects. Qualified traffic is needed to generate inquiries and RFQ’s that convert into business. PPC text ads have proven to have an excellent ROI (return on investment) and should be a priority to support your website.

Your company’s ads will be seen on the first page of relevant Google and/or Bing search results. We work with you to compile a list of keywords for your company’s products and services, those keywords trigger your ads to appear at Google and/or Bing. Typically, the ads show near the top of the page (above the fold). The ads are identified by a small box that says “Ad” next to it.

Your ad will show on PC’s, tablets and mobile devices that are in your geographical target market.

Web-Kare charges a set fee for managing the PPC campaigns. However, the client must also provide an ad budget for traffic generated by Google and/or Bing. Your Web-Kare digital marketing specialist will customize a campaign and budget to meet your needs and provide you with a quote.

Web-Kare uses tools provided by Google and Bing to estimate the traffic you might receive based on your relevant keyword list, keyword bids, and your geographical target market.

Absolutely not. You can go higher or lower than the recommended budget. Keep in mind a lower budget means less exposure which means less inquiries and RFQ’s. We will consult with you regarding adjusting the budget throughout the year.

Web-Kare provides a monthly report that details all of the funds spent for the past month. This includes:

  • Total number of website visitors
  • Total number of times your ad was shown
  • Keyword phrases that prompted your ad
  • Number of times ad was clicked in reference to that phrase
  • Cost-per-click by keyword phrase
  • Average cost-per-click for the month
  • Total Cost

We also utilize Google Analytics to show you the relationship between natural search traffic vs paid search traffic.

It takes some time to research keywords, write ad copy, and develop a landing page strategy, but we can usually start a campaign within a couple of weeks. Contact a Web-Kare digital marketing specialist today for a free consultation at: (877) 351-1769 x100.

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