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Proudly promoting the following industries Since 1998

In addition to these broad categories of industries, Web-Kare also has the priviledge of marketing distributors, equipment resellers, research and testing laboratories, prototyping companies, and more.

We exist to provide opportunities for manufacturers and manufacturing service companies. As a business minded organization we use a data-driven approach to designing and optimizing the ideal digital marketing mix for each client. As a full service agency we offer sophisticated search marketing strategies, content marketing, analytics, email marketing strategy, consulting services, and more. No matter what the marketing mix, our goal is to always achieve and exceed the goals and metrics we collectively set.

Just a few of our Case Studies

Replacing a $20 million contract
One of our clients had reached the end of a $20 million dollar contract with a client and needed to replace that business. We were able to increase their digital marketing profile and now they have exceeded the $20 million dollar contract with a good mix of other clients.

Growing a company
Another client of ours, was a three-man operation when he first became our client. He was using word-of-mouth to get sales. Today he owns a larger facility with about 50 workers. He survived the 2007/2008 downturn, 2020 COVID and continues to grow.

Taking the Marketing In-House
More than one of our clients have grown to the point where we have taught their marketing people how to expand their digital presence and, sometimes, they still consult with us. They have grown their business to be able to hire a full-time in-house marketing staff. They, too, have continued to grow through difficult economic times.

Time is of the essence
These are just a few success stories that show how a good digital presence will help sustain and grow your business. Don’t wait until you are experiencing a downturn to start building that digital presence. The time to start is now, with a small investment, and then grow it as your business grows. Get your free marketing tips by completing the form on this page.