Commercial Photography & Videography

For Industrial Companies

A Pictures Worth...

First impressions matter: highlight your company and product with professional photographs. Whether you are creating a tradeshow promotional or need photographs for new products on your website, Web-Kare will make sure that your photos put your company’s best foot forward.

Use videos as a sales tool to promote your company, demonstrate equipment capability, and showcase product. Professional videos allow interested prospects to see exactly what you do. Our videographer specializes in filming manufacturing processes and products. We offer script writing, voice over, background music, and more so your video comes to you as a finished product.

  • Instructional Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product Shots
  • Facility Photos
  • Promotional Videos & Photos
  • Staff Photos
  • Tradeshow Photos
  • And More…



Let people know who you are and what you can do for them with professional videos and media.


Display Capability

Show interested prospects what makes your process truly different from your competitors.


Showcase Product

Demonstrate product features and applications to let interested leads know what you offer.

The Professional Difference

Just as you would scoff at someone trying to build your product in their garage, we can't emphasize enough the difference quality photography and videos make. While cell phone qualities have certainly given us the opportunity to take our own high-res photos and videos, it doesn't teach us about lighting, perspective, or contrast - things a professional has mastered to let your product shine.

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