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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How much will it cost me?

A. It depends. Web-Kare has a set fee for managing your AdWords and/or BING campaigns. In addition, you will have an ad budget to keep your ads live. This budget depends on the popularity of your search terms, the geographical area you want to reach, and the number of keyword phrases you desire. Ultimately, we give you a "suggested" budget, but you decide how much you actually want to spend.

Q. Who is the budget paid to?

A. You decide. Some of our clients pay Google and BING direct, others prefer not to have to reconcile their credit card statements and pay the fees to Web-Kare to pay the ad providers on their behalf. The decision in yours. 100% of your budget goes to the ad provider.

Q. Where will my ads be seen?

A. Your ads will appear on the first page of Google and/or BING searches (which also includes Yahoo search, AOL, and other search partners). Typically the ads show at the to of the page or at the bottom of the page with an "Ad" tag. Your ads will only show if you have ad buget funds available.

Q. How does Web-Kare estimate my ad budget?

A. Web-Kare uses tools provided by Google and Bing to estimate the traffic you might receive based on your relevant keyword phrases, the bid for those phrases, and the geographical area where you want exposure.

Q. What kind of data will I get from Web-Kare?

A. Web-Kare provides a monthly report that details all of the funds spent for the past month. This includes:

  • Total number of website visitors
  • Total number of times your ad was shown
  • Keyword phrases that prompted your ad
  • The number of times ad was clicked in reference to that phrase
  • Cost-per-click by keyword phrase
  • Average cost-per-click for the month
  • Total Cost

Q. How much do you charge?

A. It depends on several factors: how large is the website you want built, do you want to be able to make changes to the website yourself, and will the website require programming for interactive items like price builders. Each of these factors figure into the price. Based on the parameters you give us, we can provide you with an estimate and, unless there are lots of additions not accounted for in the original estimate, we generally stay with the estimated price.

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Q. Does it include website hosting?

A. It can, if you need it. If we're simply replacing an existing website we can usually use the same hosting service. However, if there is a reason that you no longer want to stay with that service or there are features that your service will not support, then we can provide the hosting. All of our "content managed" websites require that we host them because they are using an Oracle platfom.

Q. Will I need a separate website for mobile phones?

A. No. We use the Bootstrap platform to create responsive websites. That means that one website will display properly on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone). At this time, Google has declared a preference for responsive website designs.

Q. Do you provide email with your hosting?

A. We can help you get setup with an email provider like Google Business, Intermedia, or Microsoft 365. If you're a very small company, we can offer you an email solution, but as your company grows, you're going to want a more robust system. Web-Kare does not make any money on email services.

Q. Why is this referred to as "Marketing Automation"?

A. A CRM system can be programmed to automatically respond to website inquiries, even including documentation such as PDF files. It can also schedule "follow-up" emails to automatically keep in touch with a prospect based on their level of interest, product, and geographical area. It allows you to automatically assign leads based on the product or service and/or the geographical area of the inquiry. Basically, it automates the tedius task of keeping in touch with a luke-warm prospect so that you can concentrate more on the hot leads while still nurturing the luke-warm lead.

Q. How would I be charged for this service?

A. Most CRM systems charge by the user or "seat". Web-Kare, however, charges a one-time setup fee so that you get the system you need today, then a flat monthly fee that will include updates as time goes on. This fee is the same no matter how many users you have. The built-in email sync feature, however, is limited to 5 email addresses, then there is a small fee for any additional emails that you need to sync with the CRM system. (Most companies don't need more than 5 email addresses syncing with the system.)

Q. Do I have to learn new software?

A. Only to a small degree. Web-Kare will customize the system to work the way you want it to work and we will show you how to access the information you want. Any changes to that system, you can simply ask Web-Kare to do for you. Web-Kare will show you and your staff how to log into the system, where to find the information you need or want, and answer any questions you or your staff may have. If you want take control of the system such as adding/deleting users, we'd be more than happy to show you how to do that.

Q. Can I see a demo?

A. Absolutely! Contact us and we'll schedule a time to come in and sit down with you and/or your staff to demo the software and discuss how this could be the right program for your company.